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Why Pick me to be your British male voice artist?

Hi, I’m James and I’m here to give you a bespoke British English voiceover service from my fully-equipped UK home studio.

When you’re promoting your business, selling your product or delivering your message you need to give your audience a reason to listen, pay attention and remember you.

That’s where I come in.

With a warm, convincing British English voice and genuine RP (Received Pronunciation) accent, I’ve got years of experience telling stories to a diverse audience as an international journalist. 

They trusted me to bring them the news, now, as a voice actor, companies trust me to be the male voice that promotes their brands, convinces their investors, educates their employees and more.

Why not let me be your storyteller too?

And Why a Voiceover With Soul?  

Ok, partly this is a shameless James Brown joke… (3+ decades of people shouting ‘Get on up’ when they meet you will do that to a man)


There are no empty words when I read your message.  I’m going to keep your audience’s attention to the very end.  Every time you hire me you get a voiceover with impact, you get a voiceover with conviction, you get a voiceover with soul.

British Voice Over

What My Clients Say

Andrew Hudson
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James's audition stood out right away. Confident and clear read that struck the tone we were looking for. I'd recommend James on the basis he properly answered our brief and then proceeded to give us a high quality, speedy delivery.
52 Watt Studios
Read More
James was wonderful to work with - He was very professional and had a great voice and recording quality.
LunarEx Games LLC
Read More
This was great - James had a great voice and perfect for what we're looking for. Audio quality is good too!
Little Miss Robot
Read More
James did a great job for us on an explainer video. Tone of voice was just right, sound quality was professional as was his communication and turn around time. No complaints at all. We look forward to working with him again in the future.


A Versatile Voice

Always clear, fast, and professional I’m experienced with and available to be your British voice over for:

Commercials, Promos, Corporate projects, Explainers, E-learning, Documentaries, Audioguides, and technical medical reads.

As a voice actor I’m also able to perform fun and believable character voices for animation and video games.

Make an impression

Do you want to make your video content more powerful & emotional? Check out my British voice over service! I can lend my clear, fast, and professional voice to your project.

I offer the perfect solution for the following scenarios: commercials, promos, corporate projects, explainers, e-learning, documentaries, audioguides, and technical medical reads.

Whether it’s for an advert, or your latest podcast, if you need clear, fast and professional voice over, I’m the voice over you need. First impressions count- so make mine your personal British voice.


Why work with me?

Working Together

Fast turnaround

Delivery of finished professional audio from my home studio in 24 hours or less 

Marketing Experience

As well as a voiceover artist I’m also a copywriter, meaning my British voice can deliver a message that sells.  I’ll make sure I know your target audience and work to hit them as effectively as possible.

Journalism background

One thing all good journalists have is the ability to tell a really good story- that’s how we get our audience to take note and keep them coming back. I’ve been doing that on television and radio for 15 years. I can do that for you.

Script editing

I’ve written voiceovers for hundreds of films, promos and documentaries.  If you’re a little unsure about your script, let me know and I can edit and polish it to make you look amazing.

Try before you buy

Simply fill in the form below and I’ll provide a free English voiceover of your script. I’m confident you’ll like what you hear. 

Remote direction

If you’d like to direct me live, I’ll dial you in for a connected session and we’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the voice recording together


About me

I voice and write from my home in Devon, one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, down by the sea that I love.  Apart from the odd seagull it’s actually quite quiet here.  But life wasn’t always so peaceful…

Drawing From My Experience

For most of my adult life I’ve worked as a journalist, reporting in some of the craziest places on earth, from the forests of Russia, the mountains of Bolivia and even the North Pole.

But the best thing was meeting so many people with amazing stories to tell.  My job was to give them a voice, bring their stories to care and make the audience sit up and pay attention.

And that’s what I do as a voiceover artist.   I engage your audience in clear English, make them care about your message, and prompt them to take action. 

Getting into character

If I’m playing a character, I draw on all my amazing real-world adventures to fire your listener’s imagination. And you just know that cartoon bear you’re writing really needs a slightly posh British voice😊

Above all, you know you’ve got an awesome product, you know you provide the best service.  I’ll make sure everyone else does to.

Let’s tell your story together.