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Narration Voice Over

I don’t believe there’s anyone out there who doesn’t love a good story, and I know how to tell ‘em.

I’ve been making documentaries and short films for over a decade and there’s nothing I do better than taking the audience on a memorable journey. 

I’ve also got plenty of experience and stamina for those longer sessions behind the mic.

Whether it’s emphasising characters in an audiobook, narrating a fascinating nature film, or hyping up interest with a promo I know the tricks, techniques and that’ll keep the listener’s attention to the end.

It also means that I can self-direct, edit and master a professional-quality piece of audio in the format you need, so it’s ready for you to release or add the video of your choice.

British Voice Over

Peter Lilios – American poet

“Another fantastic vocal interpretation from James! The man is not only a very gifted orator — he has a fantastic ear for verse and capturing the emotional essence of a piece. He sometimes has an even better understanding of the emotion than I do, as the author! Truly incredible stuff.”

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